Professional Photography

By now you probably know the importance of great photos. Just in case you are still on the fence here are a few statistics to back it up. 82 to 90% of buyers search for a home online. (National Association of Realtors – NAR study) Buyers spend 60% of their time looking at listing photos, and only 20% each on the listing description and agent description. (The Wall Street Journal.) Homes with professionally photographed pictures can sell for up to $19,000 more. ( Homes with professional photos get 61% more views. (REDFIN)

Because your listing’s online presence is so important we set out to only offer the best in professional photography. While other photographers offer discounted rates to exclude things like green grass enhancement and blue sky replacement, we include them in ALL of our shoots. Be sure to compare everything you receive with a Paid Together Marketing shoot to your current photographer.

We know our customers have built their businesses by only offering the best to their clients. Our mentality is the same, we will not put our name on it unless it is the very best photography available. Dare to compare below...

All Professional Photography Shoots Include

• 25-60 HDR Photos (Depending on SQFT)*
• Virtual Twilight (Computer Generated)
• Elevated Exterior Stills 30 Foot Beam
• Green Grass And Lawn Enhancement

• Blue Sky Replacement (Exterior Cloudy)
• Subdivision Entry/Amenities (5 Photos)*
• Unlimited Media Use Forever
• Multiple Off Camera Flashes For Lighting
• Professional Editing & Image Processing

• Color & Lighting Correction
• Straightened Verticals & Horizontals
• Deliver 36-72 hrs (Rush Delivery Available)
• Home Prep Guide Sent To Owners Before

Interactive 3D Tours

Looking for a way to stand out from the rest of your competition? 3D interactive virtual tours give you the ability to offer the most advanced technology on the market. Imagine seperating yourself from the rest of the pack while giving concrete evidence to potential customers on why they should list with you! Our 3D tours aren’t just for potential buyers, they truly show just how far you as a listing agent are willing to go to sell homes fast and can be your key differentiator.


80% of agents polled say that their clients would prefer to spend less time staging their home. 77% say that after a staging and photography shoot have concluded, they spot an important feature of the home they missed during the shoot. With Matterport 3D Interactive Tours, agents and sellers can create an always-open house which is perfectly staged 100% of the time.


Agents get 403% more leads from real estate listings with dynamic visual content. Virtual tours get clicked on 40% more than listings without virtual tours. Properties featured with virtual tours get 95% more phone inquiries. Properties featured with virtual tours receive 65% more email inquiries versus those without. Virtual tours generate 49% more qualified leads.

All 3D Interactive Virtual Tours Include

  • 3D Interactive Virtual Tour
  • 2 Exterior Views
  • Zoom In and Out Short Teaser Video
  • Custom Branding For Your Business
  • 3D Dollhouse
  • Print-Ready Floorplans ($20)
  • Mattertag Annotations
  • Embed pictures, video and text.
  • Syndication: Share Anywhere
  • Virtual Reality Ready
  • Google Street View ($20)
  • Quick Publish
  • Quick Publish

Aerial Drone Photography

Want to see the full picture? Book one of our certified expert drone photographers to make sure every angle of your listing is captured. Aerial drone footage is a great way to showcase property, landmarks, proximity, and views. Furthermore, drone footage adds a sense of adventure and excitement. Buyers might not be able to put a finger on why one property just “felt right,” but with aerial footage you can add another dimension to each of your listings. According to MLS statistics, homes with aerial images sold 68 percent faster than homes with standard images.

Twilight Photography

Twilight photography is by far one of the best ways to grab buyers’ attention online. Let the dusk lighting and beautiful sunsets of your listing separate itself from the sea of other homes for sale. Twilight shot homes can attract 50% more clicks and encourage 50% more contacts from future owners to agents. This is an amazing way to showcase your homes! This package is different than our computer generated dusk shots in that it gives more detail, accurate lighting, and overall better image quality.

Digital Room Staging

Do you have that one room that needs a little extra flare to show its true potential? Let one of our expert designers create the perfect virtual furnishings to help buyers visualize their future home. This can significantly increase the aesthetic appeal of any listing overnight. Furthermore, if you have outdated furniture in a room we can even delete it and start over! Contact us today to find out about all the different types of virtual staging we offer.